Baklava Red

TeaCha's Notes:
Oh sweet Baklava! What a wonderful dessert you are but sometimes you're a bit too sweet, and way too high in calories for me. This lovely rooibos allows me to enjoy the delicious treat without too much sweetness. There are a variety of recipes for this worldly dessert. This cuppa is reminiscent of the Middle Eastern version that uses pomegranate syrup.


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Baklava and pomegranate meet natural caffeine-free rooibos. Classic notes of almonds and pistachios dance with sweet honey flavors while tart and tangy pomegranate makes this rooibos shimmy with flavor. To add to the beauty, apple shines its pink-red coloring between the red rose petals and bright yellow marigold blossoms. Since Baklava is a pretty labor-intensive dessert, this rooibos cuppa makes an incredible low calorie treat. The whole family will love this cuppa!


If serving this tea iced, consider using an extra 1 1/2 teaspoon of tea for every 6 – 8 ounces of water to provide more flavor. Melting ice will dilute the blend. You can also cold steep to maximize the flavor by filling a pitcher with the appropriate tepid water. Add the suggested amount of tea leaves either in a tea bag or an infuser and put the pitcher into the refrigerator for approximately 1 1/2 hours. Taste the tea and if it’s to your liking, remove the tea leaves and serve.


rooibos, date pieces (dates, rice flour), sweet blackberry laves, flavoring, freeze-dried fig, freeze-dried pomegranate, Manuka honey powder (Manuka honey, malt dextrin), almond pieces, rose petals, marigold blossoms

Western Infusion:
(1 1/2 tsp (6 gr) to 6-8 oz water)
8-10 minutes @ 203-212°F

Number of Western Infusions: 1


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