About Our Teas

exulTEAtion teas have been specially curated from unique harvests across the globe to bring you the best of loose leaf tea culture. Instead of the traditional “tea” categorizations, our teas are categorized by regional and country-specific dances that mirror and embody what we believe the loose leaf tea resembles as it steeps in its various vessels. For some, we have included my TeaCha notes, where we share specific insights about experiences with our exulteation loose leaf teas.

exulTEAtion tea acquisition program (TAP)

At certain times, exulTEAtion will invite members of its community to TAP, an opportunity to experience specially-curated teas requested from our community to be shared with others who are willing to sample it. Watch our Facebook and Twitter channels for your chance to join in! You must be a member of the exulTEAtion tea troupe to get in on the TAP dance.

Tea Troupe Rewards

Members of the exulTEAtion Tea Troupe earn one point per dollar (10 dollars for 100 points).
These points can be used towards your purchases.

*We adhere to a strict privacy policy - your information is never shared or sold to any third parties.