About You

The Realist

You are not a rebel but a realist. You enjoy tea in motion - as it dances - taking delight when it naturally unfurls, rolls and to release its essence. You are collected and temperate and most admire your ability to think things through completely. Decisions are made only after considering each and every aspect fully – you leave very little to chance.

The Realist Tea Drinker
The Thinker

The Thinker

You share a love for reading and have the patience and fortitude to take on complex puzzles, studying the patterns and flows to find its natural rhythms and steps in the process. You have the ability to concentrate on a task for much longer and to see things through.

The Tea Drinker

Right now you are reaching out your hand and opening your mind - totally prepared to experience and indulge in a loose leaf tea dance extravaganza. You are the reason why exulTEAtion teas was born … let it be loose!

The Tea Drinker

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