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Passion for Loose Leaf Tea

My name is René. Tea is one of the most natural and beneficial beverages that I know. Loose leaf tea demonstrates its uniqueness and its dimension as you travel around the globe as you find it highlighting celebrations, marking special occasions and defining cultural rituals.

My passion for loose leaf tea centers around the “dance” that loose leaf tea does while it steeps. It makes me think about the strangely simple yet spiritual movement that helps you get the most out of every cuppa. One of my greatest joys is being able to share my passion through loose leaf tea education with all who choose to learn. Loose leaf tea creates an experience from start to finish and is a testament to power of integration – how from such simple ingredients come such a vibrant and varied infusion.

Whether you are ready to enjoy loose leaf tea for the first or the four hundredth time, exulTEAtion specializes in supplying you with distinctive loose leaf teas that exhibit and mirror in the dances of their specific origins. From China to India to Germany, exulTEAtion teas are ready to let “loose” for you.

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