Steeping It Up

Here at exulTEAtion, we wanted to be able to give you fun tools that you can use to pass the time while your tea is steeping to its drinkable perfection.

Check back each week as we will be adding different tea timers for you to enjoy while your tea is steeping. If you would like to share how and what you do while waiting for your tea to steep – you can post your video or photo on either our Facebook or Instagram page with the hashtag #steepingitup and sharing the type of tea you are waiting to enjoy. We can’t wait for you to share. Have fun!

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Five Minute Tea Timer

Our five-minute tea timer is perfect for summer tea picks such as Lemon Soufflé and Jack Pearl.

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Three Minute Tea Timer

Our three-minute timer is for teas such as: Enchanting Berry FigJapanese Cherry and Pacific Rim, one of our summer tea picks!

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Two Minute Tea Timer

Our two-minute timer is perfect for most of our exquisite green teas such as: Crème Brulee, Pear & Ginger and Nutorious!