Glass Tea Brewer – 12 oz

TeaCha's Notes:
This 12 oz. ethoz™ Glass Tea Brewer is the perfect steeper for your delicious loose leaf tea. I love to use this when I'm sampling teas. This also makes a charming and easy way to share a cuppa with a friend. Not only does the glass allow you to watch the tea leaves dance as they steep, it pours into your cuppa quite nicely. This is the perfect size when one doesn't want a large amount of tea. I recommend that once the tea leaves have steeped, you pour ALL the liquor out of the brewer so that your tea doesn't get oversteeped. You might also want to leave the lid off after the leaves are steeped and the liquor is emptied so they don't continue to steep as well especially if you plan to resteep the tea.

This brewer makes a great gift when paired with the ethoz Glass Cup 5oz (set of 2). Add a bag of your favorite tea to this you have the perfect tea starter set. This a great way to introduce people to delicious loose leaf tea.


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The stylish glass ethoz™ Tea Brewer offers a simple and environmentally-friendly way to brew tea. The Tea Brewer is designed to prevent leaves from making it to your cup, and eliminates the need for single-use tea bags. Easy to clean and is dishwasher safe.

The Glass Tea Brewer comes beautifully boxed. Add the ethoz™ Glass Cups set for the perfect tea brewing gift bundle! (Glass Cups not included)


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