Peach Apricot Honeybush

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For a refreshingly flavored, caffeine free, low calorie beverage, I love, love, love Peach Apricot Honeybush. It's a great healthy alternative to sweets. It makes a great hit when served at events.


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Drippingly juicy peach, and, sweetly tart lush apricot. These pair up with the fresh honey and woodsy undertones of green honeybush. This caffeine free fruit/honeybush blend makes a phenomenal iced tea throughout the year. It also converts to a warm cozy drink during the cooler nights. Are your taste-buds curious yet? Excellent for replenishing your body with much needed electrolytes and minerals after exhausting activities. Reach for this drink before trying to re-energize with sugary or caffeinated beverages. Even more exciting, kids go crazy for this healthy beverage.

Honeybush (Cyclopia fabaceae), a cousin to rooibos, grows only in small areas in the southwest and southeast of South Africa. Appropriately named, this herbs flower smells of honey. The flavor is sweeter than rooibos. This herb is crammed packed with essential nutrients. High in antioxidants and minerals. There are two types of honeybush, red and green. Red is oxidized similar to the oxidation process of the tea plant (Camellia sinensis) used to make black tea. This creates a roasty taste. Green has a more “spring like” refreshing flavor.


green honeybush, candied pineapple pieces (pineapple, sugar) orange peels, candied papaya pieces (papaya, sugar), flavor, apricot pieces (apricot, rice flour), peach pieces (peaches, rice flour), rose petals

Western Infusion:
(1 1/2 tsp (6 gr) to 6-8 oz water)
5-8 minutes @ 212℉

Number of Western Infusions: 1


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