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Come and experience the Masquerade. I'm so excited to provide a new act in our repetoire. One that is full of mystery and intrigue. What a great way to introduce you to teas you may never have experienced.


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The masks are on and the Masquerade is in full swing. Take a chance on finding a new love. Each Masquerade bag contains four 25-gram bags of delicious tea. What kind you might ask? It wouldn’t be a Masquerade if we told you. What we can reveal is that each of the four teas are different. It can be flavored, traditional, black, green, white, oolong, matcha, herbal blends, fruit blends, rooibos, etc. It even might be a special appearance tea that isn’t in our regular inventory. Once you reveal who’s behind the mask when opening the bag, you’ll find the ingredients and steeping instructions on each individual 25-gram bag. So grab a mask and join us.


2 reviews for Masquerade

  1. madamchelan

    I got this and fell in love with 2 of the 4 teas and liked the other 2 teas very much. I will continue to get this over and over and over!

    • Rene Haertel-Eva

      Thank you. I’m so glad you enjoy the Masquerade.

  2. carlitt (verified owner)

    Masquerade is so much fun! 4 bags of tea, 25 grams each. It’s a total mystery which 4 teas you will get. One of mine was an old favorite, Strawberry Fields. The other 3 are teas I’ve never tried…they all smell fabulous! I can’t wait to try them. Take a chance!

    • Rene Haertel-Eva

      So glad you enjoyed the Masquerade!

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