Lavender Lemonicious

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Let me just start with the intoxicating aroma of this tea. It just makes my heart feel so heavenly. The difference in the hot versus cold cuppa is intriguing. I usually do not favor hibiscus but this delightful fruit blend provides the perfect zing.


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White chocolate drops dance around like a pixie sprinkling its sweetness in this tartly refreshing lavender and lemon fruit blend. Let the lavender take you away to your calmness spot while the hibiscus is just enough to keep you spry. It has a beautiful red liquor.

This fruit blend works well hot and iced and creates two distinct flavor characteristics. As a hot beverage the warmer notes come out and makes this less tart, while iced its fresh tartness is invigorating. Make sure to try it both ways.


If serving this iced, consider using an extra 1 1/2 teaspoon of tea for every 6 – 8 ounces of water to provide more flavor. Melting ice will dilute the blend.


lemongrass, lemon peel, apple, apple pomace, sweet blackberry leaves, acid, citric acid, rosehip shells, hibiscus, vanilla pieces, white chocolate drops, lavender flowers, natural and artificial flavors. Contains milk and soy.

Western Infusion:
(1 1/2 tsp (6 gr) to 6-8 oz water)
5 -10 minutes @ 212°F

Number of Western Infusions: 1


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